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4th Pediatric Feeding Conference

Published on March 03, 2015

On February 28th, over 600 attendees shared valuable insight and knowledge at Feeding Matters' 4th Pediatric Feeding Conference: It Takes a Village sponsored by the Arizona Department of Health Services and Strong Families AZ! We are thrilled that over 300 people were able to attend in-person from around the United States and 9 other countries. It is powerful to know that so many people across the globe are committed to a common goal. We are always eager to build on success and to learn from our attendees, so if you attended the conference we encourage you to please complete this brief survey. Your feedback is very important to us and will help to make our next conference even better. Also, take a moment to look through our photo album and relive the highlights of the event. 
Involvement at this important conference has spurred new energy, excitement, and inspiration towards a better future for the special population of infants and children served by Feeding Matters. Please consider supporting Feeding Matters so that we can continue to provide quality programming and resources like this to the families and medical professionals we serve. 

Seeking Stories for Upcoming Annual Report

Published on February 18, 2015

We want to hear from you! We would like to invite any families, medical professionals, and community partners whom we have impacted in the past year to submit the following for consideration in our 2014 Annual Report:
  • Real-life stories about how Feeding Matters has made a positive impact on you or a child’s life in the past year.
  • Up to five photos (either professional or non-professional) of you, your family, or the child(ren) you care for.
Feeding Matters’ staff will select a handful of stories and photos to highlight in our 2014 Annual Report, which will be distributed in April. All submissions will appear on our website under either the “Meet Our Families” or “Testimonials” sections.
This is a powerful way for you to share your story or passion infants and children who struggle to eat – and to let others know that they are not alone in their journey. Our entire community has a vested interest in making certain that children with pediatric feeding struggles and their families have the hope and help they need to thrive now and throughout their lifetime. Let’s help others understand what life with feeding struggles is like. 
Instructions for Submitting Your Story:
  • Submit a 250-word true story in which Feeding Matters’ on-line community, programs, or services have made a positive difference this year. If needed, your story can be shared anonymously or with an alias. If you have changed any names to protect an individual’s identity, simply put an asterisk after the name so we can note it has been changed.
  • Please submit your 250-word story and up to five digital photos via this on-line form or by emailing Kate Jacobsen at by Tuesday March 10th.
If you do not have a digital camera, you may mail prints to: Feeding Matters, 7650 E Redfield Rd, Suite C4, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. If you do choose to mail prints, please call the office at (623) 242-5234 to let us know that they are on the way.
Remember that the deadline for submitting your story is Tuesday March 10th. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

Feeding Tube Awareness Week 2015

Published on February 06, 2015

It's Feeding Tube Awareness Week®! Feeding Matters is proud to help the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation spread the word about the tens of thousands of children in the United States and beyond who use feeding tubes. The 2015 Feeding Tube Awareness Week® centers on the theme, “The Truth About Tube Feeding.” We hope to help show the world that tube feeding doesn’t have to stop you from living life, it makes life possible!

In 2011, Feeding Tube Awareness launched the first annual Feeding Tube Awareness Week®. The mission of the week is to promote the positive benefits of feeding tubes as a life-saving medical intervention. This week also serves to educate the broader public about the medical reasons that children are tube fed, the challenges that feeding tube families face, and day-to-day life with a feeding tube.

We will be posting on social media every day this week on related to Feeding Tube Awareness Week® including: how to educate family and friends on the necessity of a feeding tube, and myths related to feeding tubes and feeding struggles. Most importantly, we’ll be focusing on your success stories! Feel free to post pictures and videos on our accounts of your child doing something they love, and don't forget to include #FeedingTubeAwarenessWeek in your post. We want to help show our communities that children can live healthy and happy lives while using feeding tubes!

Visit to learn more about the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation and how you too can help make a difference.

Board of Visitors Investment in Feeding Matters

Published on January 27, 2015

BOV Check PresentationWe are thrilled to once again receive the support of the Board of Visitors, the oldest charitable organization in Arizona. Representatives of the Board of Visitors Karen Kotalik and Karen Tubbs were recently able to visit Feeding Matters to present a check to our Executive Director Chris Linn and Board Member Nick Mawrenko. We are glad that Mrs. Kotalik and Mrs. Tubbs were also able to meet and interact with Heidi and Heather Joy, two mothers we once served and are now both volunteers with Feeding Matters.

Because of donors like the Board of Visitors, Feeding Matters is able to support more families in our Power of Two program by providing further information and education on pediatric feeding struggles. The Power of Two program is the first and only mentor program of its kind serving the healthcare needs and improving the quality of life for vulnerable children with feeding struggles and their parents, grandparents, and caregivers. This thoughtful program matches a parent in need of support with another parent who has been through a similar situation. The Power of Two program enables families to find a community of support so that they are no longer facing their overwhelming and lonely journey alone, and so they may make informed healthcare decisions for their children.

We are pleased to continue to have the Board of Visitors as a partner as their mission to serve the healthcare needs of women, children, and the elderly so closely mirrors the work of Feeding Matters to push towards conquering pediatric feeding struggles and nourish healthy futures. The Board of Visitors philanthropic spirit is truly inspiring, and we are grateful for their investment in Feeding Matters.

For more information on the wonderful work being accomplished by the Board of Visitors, please visit their website