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Provider Directory Revamp

Published on January 07, 2016

In the upcoming weeks, Feeding Matters will launch its updated Provider Directory. After receiving feedback from the community, we have streamlined the directory to provide the most relevant information on providers and increased the user functionality.

This directory is designed to help our community of parents and healthcare professionals to find providers who routinely and regularly work with pediatric feeding struggles. If your organization is in the directory, please keep an eye out for communication from us regarding the new directory. If you would like to be placed in the directory upon the new launch, please email us at  Until the big reveal, check out a snapshot of the new layout below!


Spotlight on the Infant and Child Feeding Questionnaire©

Published on January 07, 2016

Families and professionals need to partner together to find the appropriate support at the earliest point possible to reduce the severity, longevity, and long-term costs of feeding struggles. Feeding Matters’ Infant and Child Feeding Questionnaire© is part of the solution to mitigate these long-term consequences by validating parents' concerns, and giving them a reliable tool to identify potential pediatric feeding struggles earlier. The Infant and Child Feeding Questionnaire (ICFQ) is currently being researched in hopes of becoming a diagnostic tool, and is currently a communication vehicle for parents to identify red flags to discuss with their child’s providers.

We have coordinated a research project to begin validating the ICFQ to meet the goal of earlier identification and referral. What we discovered with the preliminary research was that not only did the ICFQ show positive results in earlier identification of potential pediatric feeding struggles, but it was discovered that a cluster of four questions may actually qualify to be used as a clinical screening instrument.

The pilot study last year included 102 parent responses from the UC Davis and the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. As the initial research was a preliminary study, it is necessary to further establish the tool to determine whether different clusters of questions would better identify infants and children at different developmental stages.

This data is imperative to statistically identify the questions demonstrating the strongest correlation for distinguishing children with and without feeding problems. As we gather this statistically sound data, Feeding Matters will be in a closer position to completely validate the tool.

Feeding Matters would like to thank recent donors; the Arizona Community Foundation for their continued support of this initiative. For more information on the Infant and Child Feeding Questionnaire, please continue to the questionnaire site.

Celebrate Our 10-Year Anniversary

Published on January 04, 2016

Happy New Year! As we begin this year, we enter an exciting chapter in our organization's history. 2016 marks the 10-year anniversary of our vision to conquer pediatric feeding struggles, and I am so proud of the progress we have made. When my husband, Bob, and I founded this organization in 2006, we understood the impact pediatric feeding struggles has on families but what we didn't imagine was the sheer number of families affected around the world.

Over the last 10 years, Feeding Matters has led the movement for shining a light on pediatric feeding struggles. We began by convening world-renowned feeding experts, for the first time ever, to discuss the systematic barriers to early identification and treatment. With their guidance, Feeding Matters developed a feeding questionnaire to increase communication about early warning signs, a directory of healthcare providers to more easily find feeding specialists, a parent-to-parent support program to provide hope for families, along with educational and training resources to better treat and diagnose children who struggle to eat.

Now, these experts are working to create a name and identity to better define the severity and impact of "pediatric feeding struggles." With this, families will be united under one name and a platform will be created to finally achieve a collective understanding through research, prevalence data, and the economic impact of this medical disorder. Thank you for believing in our mission and vision. We are only conquering pediatric feeding struggles because of your continued support and we are incredibly grateful!

I look forward to continuing to celebrate our 10th anniversary with you throughout 2016!

Shannon Goldwater
Founder & Board Chair

A Night With the Phoenix Coyotes

Published on December 29, 2015

Feeding Matters is proud that the Arizona Coyotes are partners in raising awareness about pediatric feeding struggles through a group fundraising night. On February 12th, the Arizona Coyotes will play the Calgary Flames at the Gila River Arena in Glendale and discounted tickets are available. Help support the programs of Feeding Matters and enjoy a night out by purchasing tickets. Upper level seating is just $35 and lower level seats are $55. Come have fun and support the over 20,000 children affected by feeding struggles in Arizona as a portion of every ticket sold will support Feeding Matters and the families we serve.

To purchase tickets, please contact Taylor Hatleberg at 623.772.3397 and mention Feeding Matters. If you have any questions or concerns you can email us at or call 623.242.5234. Don’t forget to wear your maroon and black!