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Spotlight on the Power of Two Program

Published on February 01, 2016

Feeding Matters’ Power of Two parent-to-parent mentoring program is an essential link for many parents whose kids are struggling to eat. Often, parents of children with feeding struggles feel dismissed by their medical providers, or they feel that feeding struggles are a result of something they, as a parent, are doing wrong.

Through Power of Two, Feeding Matters connects parents with a trained parent mentor who has also experienced pediatric feeding struggles with their child. The mentors are matched based on their type of feeding struggles experience and talk with the new parent to listen and validate their concerns, direct them to Feeding Matters web resources, or help make sense of tests and treatments.

Feeding Matters would like to thank The Board of Visitors and Once Upon A Time Foundation for recently supporting the Power of Two program. Both of these organizations have been generous partners with Feeding Matters for years, and we feel fortunate to collaborate with them. If you are interested in learning more about the Power of Two parent-to-parent support program, or if you are looking to participate, please continue to the Power of Two page

2016 Feeding Tube Awareness Week

Published on January 27, 2016

Once again, Feeding Matters is proud to help the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation spread awareness about the tens of thousands of children around the world who use feeding tubes. The 2016 Feeding Tube Awareness Week®, February 7-13, centers on the theme, “The Power of Tube Feeding.” We are excited to help spread the word that tube feedings don’t necessarily have to be a negative part of life. In fact, for many children, tube feedings make life possible!

In 2011, Feeding Tube Awareness launched the first annual Feeding Tube Awareness Week. The mission of Feeding Tube Awareness Week is to promote the positive benefits of feeding tubes as a life-saving medical intervention. This week also serves to educate the broader public about the medical reasons why children are tube fed, the challenges feeding tube families face, and day-to-day life with a feeding tube.

From February 7-13 we will be posting daily to social media on topics related to Feeding Tube Awareness Week including awareness, development, nutrition, education, and more. Most importantly, we’ll be focusing on your success stories! Feel free to post to our Facebook or Twitter accounts or email us pictures and videos of your children with feeding tubes doing something they love. Don't forget to include #FeedingMatters on your posts! We want to help show our communities that children can live healthy and happy lives while using feeding tubes!

For A Better Website Experience

Published on January 12, 2016

Since Feeding Matters provides the majority of our services online, we want to remind you about an important change to the support of Microsoft browsers Internet Explorer (IE) 7 - 10. Microsoft has announced that they will end support for a majority of their browsers and we at Feeding Matters want to ensure that you have optimal use of our website. Microsoft will continue to support IE 11 for an undetermined amount of time, only on Windows 8.1 and 10 operating systems.

What is changing?
Microsoft has announced that they will end support for IE7 through IE10 in January 2016. Feeding Matters cannot guarantee that all features on will be compatible with these older browsers. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact our office and we will try our best to remedy the situation. Once Microsoft is no longer supporting these browsers, bugs or performance issues that appear only when using IE7 through IE10 may not be able to be investigated or fixed by Feeding Matters. This change only affects 5% of our users but we will continue to support these individuals to the best of our abilities.

What action do I need to take?
We strongly recommend that you and/or your company’s IT administrators upgrade to one of our supported browsers. Our list of currently supported browsers:

  • Google Chrome™, most recent stable version
  • Mozilla® Firefox®, most recent stable version
  • Apple® Safari® versions 6.x and 10.x on Mac OS X
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® version 11

What will happen if I take no action?
While users may still be able to access our website from older versions of Internet Explorer, new and/or existing features and functionality may no longer work in these browsers. Because of this change, bugs or performance issues that appear only when using IE7 through IE10 may not be able to be investigated or fixed by Feeding Matters after January 2016.

How can I get more information?
We have support available to answer any questions you may have about this change. We appreciate you accessing our website and please contact with any questions.

Feeding Matters to Present to State Health Committee

Published on January 07, 2016

Feeding Matters has been invited to present to the State Health Committee on the impact of pediatric feeding struggles in the state of Arizona.

As a worldwide thought-leader dedicated to ending pediatric feeding struggles, Feeding Matters is working to bring awareness to a severely underserved and misunderstood population. Because of Feeding Matters, the negative impact of pediatric feeding struggles is increasingly being recognized by healthcare professionals and quickly becoming a key early intervention issue. In the United States alone, over 1 million infants and children suffer daily from pediatric feeding struggles – and over 21,500 of those children live in Arizona.

We are grateful to Representative Heather Carter, Chair of the State Health Committee, for this opportunity to raise awareness at the Legislature. All Feeding Matters friends and supporters are encouraged to join Founder and Board Chair, Shannon Goldwater with Executive Director, Chris Linn, and the Feeding Matters staff for the presentation on January 26. Let us know if you plan on attending the session, and we hope to see you there!

Feeding Matters Presentation to the State Health Committee
January 26, 2016 - 2 pm
House Hearing Room 4
Arizona State Capitol