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2020 IPFDC Keynote Presentations

Development of a Pediatric Feeding Disorder Screening Instrument for Infants and Children – Julie Barkmeier-Kraemer, PhD, CCC-SLP; Alan Silverman, PhD

This presentation will describe and define PFDs and describe research we have conducted to develop a screening tool extracting items from the ICFQ© and future goals for creating a screening instrument for use in infants and children up to 4 years of age. We will also describe our vision for implementation of such a tool in pediatric primary care settings that would lead to earlier identification and referral of children with PFD to appropriate specialists for treatment. We believe that such a tool would reduce current PFD medical and nutritional complication rates that reduce the need for invasive treatments in affected children.


The PFD Alliance Annual Symposium: Our Focus, Our Future – Erin Ross, PhD, CCC-SLP; Hayley Estrem, RN, PhD; Pamela Dodrill, PhD, CCC-SLP

PFD is complex. Professionals and caregivers alike may struggle with how to best support children with PFD, especially if working within a siloed healthcare system. During The PFD Alliance Annual Symposium: Our Focus, Our Future we will explore ongoing barriers to optimizing care in order to plan for a brighter future. First the PFDA Pillar Chairs will update participants on our achievements to date. Next the results of the 2020 Digital Ideation will be presented. Participants will then engage in collaborative brainstorming on how education, research and advocacy actions can advance care for children with PFD. By analyzing past progress, we will be able to determine our direction for the future. This 1 hour interactive presentation will bring participants and Feeding Matters leadership together as we work towards a future where children with PFD thrive.


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