From the PFD Alliance: A Focus on Research

Published by Paula Rabaey Ph.D., MPH, OTR/L on Jan 06, 2023

Greetings from the research pillar chair! I have officially stepped into the Chair of the Feeding Matter’s Research Pillar as of this past summer and am so excited to contribute to building knowledge and understanding of PFD for families and professionals.

My first project is assisting Feeding Matters in building an evidence-based practice (EBP) landing page which will include 3 key features. There will be definitions and links to EBP resources for all professionals working with PFD and links for families to understand the ins and outs of using evidence to guide assessment and treatment of PFD. The page will also include tabs on how to use evidence to inform practice and guidance for standards of practice for assessment and treatment of PFD within the 4 domains.

Why the focus on evidence-based practice? According to Johns Hopkins Medicine (2022), the goal of EBP is “to incorporate the best available research, along with clinical experience and patient preference, into clinical practice, so healthcare practitioners can make informed patient-care decisions” (John Hopkins Medicine, 2022, para. 1). Integrating evidence-based practice can increase quality of care and successful client and family outcomes. Knowledge of evidence-based practice will also allow families and practitioners to advocate for interdisciplinary services best suited for their child’s needs.

Paula Rabaey Ph.D., MPH, OTR/L
PFD Alliance Research Pillar Chair