Published by Feeding Matters on Dec 13, 2018

What is a Symposium?

A symposium is a formal gathering where experts in their field converge to discuss a specific topic. This basic definition may not capture your attention, but a closer look reveals the true potential within the symposium walls. A symposium is characterized by an openly discursive format balanced by a focused area of examination. Multiple voices are intended to be heard and open discussion reigns. This forum allows dynamic think tanks to devise innovative ideas around a central subject.

What is the Feeding Matters Symposium?

Feeding Matters will host a symposium before, during, and after the 2019 IPFDC in which we will examine how we will advance early identification, ignite research, and promote collaborative care for pediatric feeding disorder. The key ideas generated in the symposium will guide our strategic planning as we advocate for change through education, advocacy, and research goals.

The Feeding Matters Symposium is comprised of three phases: Digital Ideation, In-Person Symposium, and the Leadership Alliance Meeting. Each phase of the Symposium guides the phase that follows.

  • Phase 1: Digital Ideation- Phase 1 supports information gathering from our community at large. Questions will be proposed to the public under 3 pillars: Research, Advocacy, and Education. Responses will be submitted digitally as participants complete online surveys.
  • Phase 2: The In-Person Symposium-During Phase 2, information gathered from the online surveys is examined and prioritized by 2019 IPFDC attendees. During this Phase, conference attendees take a deeper dive into identified areas of interest under each pillar.
  • Phase 3: The Leadership Alliance Meeting- Phase 3 is a cumulation of the Symposium. Here, Feeding Matters Leadership and thought leaders converge to finalize the strategic goals for the upcoming year. A plan is developed based on information submitted from Phase 1 through Phase 3 of the Symposium.

How Can I Advocate for Change?

Participate; your voice matters, but only you can share it! The feeding community is comprised of individual voices coming to together over a shared goal: to advance care for pediatric feeding disorder.

  • First, complete the Digital Ideation Survey. An email will be sent with links to our digital hosts where you can submit your views, comments, and pose questions.
  • Second, attend conference. After the formal 2-day conference has closed, Feeding Matters will host the In-Person Symposium for conference participants. Here, we will identify our priorities and strategize solutions as a team.
  • Third, get involved. Once information from the Digital Ideation and In-Person Symposium has been analyzed, the strategic plan will be developed at the Leadership Alliance Meeting. Feeding Matters will publish this strategic plan based on suggestions from the other phases of the Symposium. Complete transparency is honored as we build partnerships, capture talent, and execute innovative initiatives.

The feeding community is our greatest shared asset. We thank you for your time and passion as we work together to make all of our dreams, families, and professional alike, a reality.

We look forward to your participation in the 2019 Feeding Matters Symposium!