Published by Feeding Matters on Jan 02, 2019

Our feeding community has a multitude of options when it comes to continuing education and professional and personal outreach. You may attend in-person workshops, view webinars, participate in chats, or peruse an article. So why should you attend Feeding Matters’ 6th Annual IPFDC?

Simply put, it’s different! Only Feeding Matters provides the community with an educational pathway, a pathway between evidence-based research and tangible change in how those impacted by Pediatric Feeding Disorder are supported. We seek to change how services are delivered, to change to how service is accessed, and most importantly change to how our families’ voices are heard.

How do we create change through an annual conference? Well, it starts with you! First, the feeding community will be invited to vote on critical thought questions pertaining to pediatric feeding disorder through Digital Ideation. Digital Ideation is a public feedback process where families, professionals, and community members are called to submit their thoughts on pediatric feeding disorder needs through an online survey. Your voice will be heard even before the conference begins. Secondly, you will be welcomed to a conference, which has been strategically designed to represent a wide variety of disciplines and thought leaders instrumental to multi-disciplinary management of pediatric feeding disorder. This conference serves as an annual update on the evidence as our high level, internationally recognized speakers bring our feeding community closer together through research, innovative thought, and advocacy.

And the difference continues…After sessions have closed, the in-person symposium begins. Conference attendees are invited to bring their thoughts to the table as we unite to discuss the critical questions purposed during Digital Ideation before conference began. You will have the opportunity to take a deeper dive into one of three areas- Research, Advocacy or Education- as a pathway to change is laid. These deep dives will focus on developing strategies to meet the goals and ideas identified during Digital Ideation. Only here will research turn into practice and practice turn into optimal outcomes for every family. And yes, first we need you!

Feeding Matters will then ensure these goals are executed as our Leadership Alliance formalizes a strategic plan. The results of the Leadership Alliance’s planning session will be shared with the public. Our promise to you is that, as our feeding community, you will be informed and our efforts to move the field forward will be fully transparent. Your suggestions will guide our initiatives and expose additional areas where you can influence outcomes!