What does it take to create a movement?

Published by Jaclyn Pederson, MHI on Apr 27, 2023

Friends of Feeding Matters,

I’m always interested in new trends and emerging technologies, so I’ve been exploring the new AI tool, ChatGPT. Recently, I asked ChatGPT: what does it take to create a movement?

It shared that a movement requires a combination of vision, leadership, engagement, planning, resources, and persistence.

For me, this answer was validating. It’s exactly what we experience in the Feeding Matters community – a movement for pediatric feeding disorder (PFD). The opportunity to support all families on their feeding journey.

This month, our community was able to engage through the success of our International PFD Conference, which is also available on-demand for full credit through the end of May. This trauma-informed, evidence-based event brought together nearly 1,000 registrants from over 65 countries to learn the latest research, hear from families’ lived experience, and to receive tangible ways to improve practice. We were honored to see the active involvement of both parents and professionals collaborating to advance PFD research and practice.

During the conference, we received powerful feedback from attendees, including quotes such as, “I am so excited to see the inclusion of family voices into the development of care plans,” and “The collaboration across systems with this research! Great work!!” We also recognize the importance of emotional support for families and appreciate the reminder that an attendee shared in the chat, “Difficult feelings may surface in the future, even if they haven’t yet.”

Carrying forward the success and community built from the conference, we are eager for the arrival of May and PFD Awareness Month. During the month, we invite you to help us spread awareness of PFD and raise funds to help us do this important work. Together, we are building a movement for PFD, and your engagement and persistence allows us to create the world we all envision, a world where children with PFD will thrive.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Feeding Matters and for being part of the movement. This community is changing the world.


Jaclyn Pederson, MHI
Feeding Matters CEO