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Dear New Tubie Momma


To the mom whose child just got a feeding tube,

Right now, you're probably pretty overwhelmed.  You've just been thrown into a world you never expected to be a part of, and it's scary. There are tubes and syringes, feeding schedules and pumps, and possibly a stoma if a G, GJ, or J tube is involved.

15 Ways To Support Parents of Children With Feeding Issues


It's dinner time and you know it's going to be a battle that will end with your toddler throwing his or her food on the floor or refusing to touch a vegetable because "it's yucky. *insert prolonged whine here*"  

While this is a common problem for many parents, what you may not know is that sometimes it goes beyond picky eating.

The Value of Coordinated Medical Care


When Davy was born, I thought everything was fine. He sucked his bottle kind of weird, but I was sure he'd get the hang of it soon. And yeah, he had some dysmorphic features, but they made him cuter. And the crying...well some babies were just fussy, right?

But by the time he was a week and a half old, it was obvious that something was wrong. He started refusing the bottle and became increasingly fussy with bouts of screaming.