Our blog is focused on the issue of pediatric feeding struggles. Feeding struggles are complex, extremely varied, and affect more than just the child. You can expect to see posts from feeding experts, parents who have walked the walk, and of course, us here at Feeding Matters.

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Conference Registration is Now Open!

Published by Feeding Matters on July 19, 2018

Registration is now open for Feeding Matters' 6th International Pediatric Feeding Disorder Conference (IPFDC)! 
This groundbreaking conference features intermediate and advanced level sessions on the evaluation and treatment of children with pediatric feeding disorder. Special events also include a welcome reception and a poster session on the latest trends and research.
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Biz Bash is big on fun, short on speeches!

Published by Feeding Matters on July 12, 2018

Feeding Matters is proud to be a beneficiary for the 12th annual Arizona Biz Bash, taking place on Thursday, October 4 at downtown Phoenix’s hottest, new venue, The Van Buren.

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Video Blog: Meet Hadyn

Published by Feeding Matters on July 09, 2018

Pediatric feeding disorder effect every area of a child’s development, including their social, emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Today, you will meet Hadyn, who was born with a chromosome disorder called 18 Q Deletion. Hadyn’s mother knew his disorder came with complications, including hearing loss, visual impairment, and developmental delays. However, she did not expect feeding Hadyn would be so difficult.

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Championing Pediatric Feeding Disorders

Published by Feeding Matters on July 02, 2018

To create a world in which infants and children with pediatric feeding disorders thrive, Feeding Matters collaborates with many partners, like Epic Medical Solutions and Mead Johnson Nutrition, who recognize and accept that these infants and children struggle to receive the nutrition and care their bodies need.

Epic Medical Solutions

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Video Blog: Meet Lucy

Published by Feeding Matters on June 25, 2018

At about six months old, Lucy’s parents, Garrett and Jake, decided to begin feeding her simple solid foods like rice cereal and formula. To her parent’s surprise, the first time Lucy tried solid food she screamed and resisted. The only way to calm her was to completely remove the food from her mouth. And this was just the beginning.

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