Our blog is focused on the issue of pediatric feeding struggles. Feeding struggles are complex, extremely varied, and affect more than just the child. You can expect to see posts from feeding experts, parents who have walked the walk, and of course, us here at Feeding Matters.

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Overcoming Food Aversion

Published by Robin on January 08, 2013

My son is eight years old and has battled severe food aversions his whole life.  He originally had difficulty chewing and swallowing coupled with multiple negative experiences with food due to multiple food allergies.  I'm emitophobic that didn't help the situation.  He has a severely limited food repertoire.  Pediatricians did not understand the situation and were unable to give resources until we moved to southern California.  Through the he

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Published by VARocky on December 01, 2012

Our son has had feeding issues since 1 month of age. He hated the bottle and would scream at the sight of it. As others have mentioned, we too had to "sleep feed," since that was the only way we could get him to eat and gain weight.

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2012 Year in Review

Published by nfasano on November 30, 2012

Our mission continues, the demand for support increases, and our goal to change the landscape for infants and young children with feeding struggles is critical. More than ever families are reaching out for hope, support, and resources to help them along their journey. Approximately 15,000 families in Arizona and 750,000 families throughout the nation battle the complex fundamentals of eating.

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Failure To Thrive (FTT)

Published by Sophiasmom on October 24, 2012

Hello, I'm the mommy to a beautiful 24 month old little girl name Sophia.

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A Story of Hope

Published by melissamomof2 on October 24, 2012

My precious daughter is named Hope for a reason. She is a two and a half year old beauty, full of life and energy, and can light up a room with her heartwarming smile.

You would not know to look at her, how much this tough little cookie has been through, or that she is tube fed.

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