Our blog is focused on the issue of pediatric feeding struggles. Feeding struggles are complex, extremely varied, and affect more than just the child. You can expect to see posts from feeding experts, parents who have walked the walk, and of course, us here at Feeding Matters.

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Opinion: Preemie Nipple Use with Older Infants?

Published by Allyson Goodwyn-Craine on September 27, 2018

Unintended consequences of the extended use of preemie flow rate bottle nipples to support breastfeeding
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Five Warning Signs That Your Child Is Malnourished

Published by ASPEN on September 24, 2018

Proper nutrition is vital to your child’s health, growth, and development. When your child isn’t eating or getting enough calories and the proper nutrients, there can be trouble ahead. Malnutrition weakens the immune system, opens the door to infections and delays healing. Here are five warning signs that you should look for in your children. If you spot any of them, talk with a healthcare professional about your concerns.

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Feeding Therapy Can Be Risky Business

Published by Feeding Matters on September 20, 2018

Six Best Practices to Provide Safe Feeding Therapy While Reducing Your Liability

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Become a Digital Table Captain!

Published by Feeding Matters on September 17, 2018

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Volunteer Spotlight: Bianca Roe, RDN, OTD Student

Published by Feeding Matters on September 10, 2018

It is with deep appreciation for the time, commitment, and passion of our dedicated advocates and volunteers that Feeding Matters is launching a monthly Q & A series. They help with events, participate on committees, and coach in our Power of Two program.

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