Arizona Qualifying Charitable Tax Credit

Did you know? Feeding Matters, headquartered in Arizona, is eligible for the Qualifying Charitable Tax Credit. This is in addition to any Arizona public or private school tax credits that the individual may already be claiming. The Credit for Donations allows a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for donations to Feeding Matters. Single taxpayers may claim up to $400 and a joint filing may claim up to $800. Contact your tax advisor for details and refer to QCO code 20231.

Using the tax credit is easy!

  • Donate up to $800 (joint) or $400 (single) to by April 15 to receive a dollar for dollar credit on your AZ state taxes.
  • Keep your donation receipt (provided by Feeding Matters) and include it with your AZ Form 321.
  • Receive a credit on your AZ state taxes for the full amount of your donation!