A note from our event sponsor: Jaburg & Wilk

Published by Jaburg & Wilk on Nov 08, 2022

Feeding Matters is grateful to Jaburg & Wilk for their sponsorship of the 2022 Virtual Community Event! Learn more about why Jaburg & Wilk supports Feeding Matters.

The Jaburg & Wilk Foundation began supporting Feeding Matters in 2008. We were surprised by the number of children that were impacted by pediatric feeding disorder (PFD), especially children that were on the autism spectrum. The stories that we heard about long-term and on-going PFD struggles that both parents and children faced were heart-breaking as well as the developmental delays that these children faced. We have followed the growth of Feeding Matters from being primarily an outreach support network for parents to an international organization focusing on education, advocacy, treatment, and research. It has been an incredible journey. While we focus on Feeding Matter’s Arizona efforts, we are encouraged by the continuing partnership of SARRC and Feeding Matters. As with autism, the earlier the diagnosis of PFD, the better the potential outcomes can be.

The awareness of PFD at Jaburg Wilk has empowered us to connect our employees and clients, quickly, with Feeding Matters if there is a problem or potential PFD problem. That awareness has encouraged parents of preemies or multiples to watch closely for signs of feeding challenges. The quick response from Feeding Matters has been gratifying and part of the reason for our continuing support of Feeding Matters.